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ASUS prepping WiMAX USB dongle, base stations

Nilay Patel

The big ASUS WiMAX news at Computex is obviously the Eee 901, but the company is coming out with a load of new wireless gear that supports the standard. Laptop users will probably be most interested in the WUSB25E2V2 USB 2.0 WiMAX dongle (pictured above), which is a little big for our tastes but should get you connected on the go. Home and business users will probably want to look into the WMNV25E2+ and WMV25E1+ base stations, which can connect to a WiMAX network and provide all the machines on your network access. No word on how much any of this stuff is going to cost, but here's hoping it's cheap enough to justify being an early adopter. Oh -- and if you're not convinced that ASUS is committed to WiMAX, peep the graphic after the break of the company's wireless vision of the future.

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