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Baltimore, MD gets local HD news courtesy of FOX 45

Darren Murph

Welcome to the 21st century, Baltimore! Thanks to WBFF (FOX 45), you too can finally watch your local anchors in stunning high-definition. As it stands, less than one-third of the homes in the area have HD-capable TV sets, but the station is banking on that changing in the future as more individuals slowly see the light. Comically enough, special consultants were even called in to arrange "softer, more forgiving lighting" on the set -- those wrinkles and fine lines sure do stand out more in high-def, we hear. It's also noted that newscasts entirely in HD are still a couple months away, and rival stations WBAL and WJZ could take this transformation as all the encouragement they need to follow suit. So, Baltimore residents -- how's new news?

[Thanks, Rob]

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