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Integra introduces DTR-5.9 A/V receiver

Darren Murph

It seems like just yesterday that we were looking longingly at the DTR-5.8, and lo and behold, Integra has already dished out the DTR-5.9 to take its place. Apparently the unit is being aimed squarely at custom installers, but who's to say you can't snatch one up and do a little "installing" yourself? The mid-range unit packs the same HDMI 1.3a repeaters and high resolution audio processing as the DTR-5.8, but there's two more HDMI inputs, 1080i upscaling over HDMI and Audyssey's new Dynamic EQ loudness compensation technology added in on this bugger. If you're curious about power, you'll find seven-channels piping out 90-watts per into 8-ohms or 110-watts per into 6-ohms. Check it out right now for around $800.

[Via eCoustics]

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