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Krakow says Gphone is delayed to 2009. Wait, what?


Seasoned tech pundit Gary Krakow has a real puzzler here. He's claiming that while the Android OS should be ready for launch through a couple manufacturers by the end of the year, an unnamed source has told him that the actual "Gphone" from Google has been delayed into next year. That's great and all, but we thought the whole Gphone buzz was pretty much killed dead when Android got real. Sure, there was that one-off Samsung rumor about a couple Google-branded handsets supposedly due for September, but there was never much followup there. Google itself has never done much hinting at a Google-branded handset, instead choosing to work with Open Handset Alliance in building an OS for everybody. We'll be keeping an eye on this rumor, but obviously if it proves true we won't be seeing anything out of Google until next year -- which basically puts us right where we started. Thanks, Gary.

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