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One hundred ... WiiWare ... games!

Phil Larsen

It's a good thing developers actually man up to their commitments. Speaking to IGN, Nintendo's senior director of project development, Tom Prata, made the announcement that around 100 games are currently in development for WiiWare. With a few solid titles already in the homes of Wii gamers around the world, the law of averages ensures we've got to expect a real gem or two in the forthcoming pile.

Prata also answers several general questions regarding WiiWare, and affirmed the quality and potential of downloadable content in comparison to standard games on Optical Disc. Developers have every resource available to them for ensuring a WiiWare game includes Wi-Fi, WiiConnect24 and multiplayer functionality. That's fantastic, because we don't want any of this "done the first few levels, let's ship it and and grab a burger" nonsense.


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