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Sam's Club taunts shopper with Wii


What's the worst thing that could ever happen to you? Okay, scratch that, try not to think about that. What's the worst thing involving video games that could ever happen to you? Well, our worst fear has been realized, thanks to a Sam's Club employee.

You see, Sam's Club shopper Shawn recently found himself inside one of the huge warehouses, shopping for that 82-pack of tube socks we assume, when he stumbled upon a Wii, sitting there for sale. What happened when he tried to buy it? Well, he was denied his console, because it was being set aside for a "Grand Re-Opening" for the store. Horrible, right? We think so.

Seriously, we would've been screaming at the store manager. But, in the end, it's not like it would've mattered. We would have fought to give the jerk retailer money, so maybe losing that sale was a good thing. Not for Shawn, though. Sorry, buddy.

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