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SOE's Living Legacy campaign gives you 2 free months in EQ and EQ2

Michael Zenke

Sony Online Entertainment has today unveiled the official site for a huge summer initiative. Called Living Legacy, it's their most ambitious enterprise to date aimed at getting players back into the game. Starting today (they've probably already done it, if you want to go look) SOE will reactive the account of every player who's ever set foot into EverQuest or EverQuest II. Accounts are open and free until July 31st for EQ2 players, and July 25th for EQ players. Better still, both games will be completely patched with all expansion content: returning players have been gifted with the Secrets of Faydwer and/or Rise of Kunark all-in-one packs.

Not only are they offering a free pass back into Norrath, but a bevy of events and in-game items await the returning adventurer. EverQuest players are invited to "celebrate their hardcore heritage" with hot zones that give a 25% bonus to already-increased XP, free armor and weapons that will "get players up to speed" with their fellows, and even special trinkets if you convert to a paying customer. EQ2 players have as much, if not more, to look forward to with a full calendar of events ongoing throughout the summer. They've also got recruitment rewards, unique in-game items, and much more.

Read below for the full details on both programs, and check back with for interviews with EQ senior producer Clint Worley, EQ senior designer Ryan Barker, and EQ2 senior producer Bruce Ferguson on this momentous initiative. You can also see the full Living Legacy trailer embedded below the cut.

Celebrate Your Hardcore Heritage!

Living Legacy is a celebration of the millions of players who have adventured in EverQuest in the last nine years. Whether you were one of the first players to call Norrath home or just dropped by for a day to explore, we're inviting you to come back and celebrate with us. Special events and unique reward opportunities are waiting. We're still in the fight. Is the fight still in you?

Log in now to celebrate:
  • Free Game Play - All inactive paying and trial EverQuest accounts in good standing have been reactivated and entitled for free play up until July 25, 2008.
  • Free EverQuest Secrets of Faydwer All-In-One Pack Software. Get caught up on content and keep the game upon your conversion to paid monthly subscription.
  • Unique In-Game Item Bundle Available for all returning players.
    • Claimable at Log-In – Get up to speed immediately with
    • Bundles of Defiant Armor* - Class and level specific armor upgrade
    • The Scabbard of Fortune* - Class and level specific weapon upgrade
    • Ten Potions of Adventure* - Increased XP to get back in the fight
    • Ten Movement Speed Potions* - Jet from battle to battle
    • The Legacy Satchel* - A container for your loot
  • Special Offer! Living Legacy participants who convert to subscribers on or before July 25, 2008 will be granted a unique item upon purchase of the upcoming EverQuest expansion pack. This item is claimable upon expansion release.
  • Player Events – XP Bonuses, Upgrades To Favorite Zones and New Raids!
    • The Hottest Zones Ever! All current EverQuest hot zones offer an additional 25% experience bonus. See the "Welcome Back" tab for a list of the current hot zones and their suggested level ranges as well as details on the experience bonus.
    • More Loot! The global drop rate has been updated throughout all of Norrath so returning and current adventurers can line their pockets.
    • Classic Group Content Upgrades! Lower Guk (7/7/08 – 8/04/08) will be fine-tuned with upgraded loot for groups of returning hardcore adventurers. Prepare to face some old enemies...and a few new ones!
    • Brand New Raids! Get ready for the fight of your life with four brand new raid scenarios. Incredible item rewards await adventurers who face these hardcore challenges and succeed. See the "Events Tab" for more details.
Rewards Await Your Return! Experience the EverQuest II Living Legacy Events Now!

Living Legacy is a celebration in honor of the millions of past, present and future EverQuest®II players. Norrath will be home to an eventful summer dedicated to the heritage and progression of the EverQuest II world. Numerous rewards await the legends that return to the fight and live the EverQuest II legacy.

Come back for FREE or join now and enjoy the celebration!
  • Free Game Play Time - All inactive subscribers (in good standing) and trial EQII accounts can play at no cost until July 31, 2008.
  • Free Rise of Kunark All-In-One Pack - Access the latest content; keep a complimentary digital copy of this compliation version of the game when you convert to a monthly subscription plan for EQII.
  • New Recruitment Trial Program - Future EQII legends that are invited will receive various rewards for their participation.
  • Recruitment Rewards - Earn up to twenty (20) months of free game play added at the end of your current subscription by recruiting friends who become EverQuest II subscribers.
  • Discount Coupons - Receive $5.00 (or local currency equivalent) off the purchase of the next EQII expansion (scheduled for release Fall 2008) if you convert to a monthly subscription and purchase the expansion through the Station Store by Dec. 21, 2008.
  • Unique Bundle of In-Game Items - Redeem items upon initial log in and additional items with your purchase of the upcoming new expansion.
  • Player Events - Robust game updates offering new zones, live-events, access to new themed content from the upcoming expansion pack and in-game activities.
  • Legends of Norrath - Free game client, starter pack, booster pack and access to competitive prize tournaments.
  • Contests & Promotional Offers - Opportunity to participate in events to earn EQII merchandise, a free copy of the upcoming EverQuest II expansion pack, a beta invitation and in-game items. Click here for more details.

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