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Don't pay for Qore, wait for demos


Today's announcement of Qore met a mixed response from internet commenters. While we're excited to see the potential applications of Qore, it's upsetting to see a subscription model applied to the PSN. Qore, which is $3 a month (or $25 a year), will offer gamers more than just video previews of games. Qore will also provide downloadable games and exclusive demos.

However, what about PSN users that refuse to pay for Qore? They'll have to wait for the biggest demos. SCEA's Susan Panico told Wired that in terms of demos, "Qore is like the network broadcast" of a TV show. The PS Store is like "syndication."

This sounds like a practice currently used on Xbox Live. Free Silver account members have to wait one week to access any free content on Xbox Live Marketplace. For example, if a demo of Madden 09 is available on August 10th, Silver members would have to wait until August 17th to download the demo. The introduction of Qore may cause a similar division within the PSN.

We'll have to wait and see how the community responds to Qore once it releases later this week. In spite of this new development, we're still relieved by PSN's free access to online gaming. Unlike Xbox Live, all members of PSN (paid and unpaid) will still be able to play online.

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