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Forum Post of the Day: Spicing up the splash screen

Amanda Dean

The tips that pop up as WoW is loading usually cover the most basic mechanics of the game. I have to admit that I was once surprised by "You can eat and drink at the same time." The idea was completely novel to me and I actually learned something. We've probably seen them all before, and pay them little attention. Some of the ones I've seen lately are:

  • Your items do not suffer durability damage when you are killed by another player.
  • The auction house in each of your factions' major cities are linked.
  • Nearby quest givers that are awaiting your return are shown as a yellow question mark on your mini-map.

Well, we've all made the effort to ignore them. Canika of EU-Spreggar felt that these tips needed an update. He inaugurated the thread, inviting others to share their splash-screen tips with "Common sense; the path toward most epics." Several others chimed in:

  • Thalanor of EU-Al'Akir " When interacting with other players - a little kindness may cause them to latch onto you like a leech."
  • Jidiro of EU-Sporeggar "It is not which class has more survivibility, it is which class the rogue goes after first"
  • Raith of EU-The Maelstrom "Friends come and go epics are soulbound."
  • Stronza of Ghostlands "Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don't forget to take them to Outland as well."
  • Nagaraz of EU- Earthen Ring "No, you are not the most awesome player on your server."

The thread is filled with similar delightful little gems. I have a few additions of my own.

What would you add to the character loading screen?

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