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No multiplayer in Dark Void

Justin McElroy

Considering how beloved Crimson Skies' multiplayer was and how much of that team made the leap to Airtight Games and Dark Void, you'd think multiplayer in that game would be a total lock. Not so, as we learned at last week's Capcom event, Captivate 08.

"We explored it, but there are so many huge features in this game, we really wanted to focus on making the most kick-ass, single-player features possible," said Capcom US director of design, Kraig Kujawa. As designer Jose Perez told us later, it was no easy choice.

"We had multiplayer up and going, it was fun, and to be honest, we just could tell we weren't going to be able to make the multiplayer game the way we wanted and the single-player game the way we wanted, so it was a really hard decision," Perez said. "For this version, we have a million innovative things that we're doing that haven't been done before and we have to get those right in the single-player experience."

So, will single player be enough to satisfy you? Check back in later in the day for our Dark Void impressions and judge for yourself.

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