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Nokia 7510, 7610 to round out Supernova series

Chris Ziegler

It turns out the Supernova from Nokia isn't a single phone, but rather a whole line of new midrange Series 40 handsets targeted squarely at women -- though we've gotta be honest, we could see a whole host of men putting these beauties in their pockets, too. Details on Nokia's Polish site appeared recently (notice the past tense; they were taken down shortly thereafter) talking about 7510 and 7610 models, adding clamshell and slider form factors alongside the recently-retailed 7310 candybar. The 7510 includes a 2 megapixel lens while the 7610 upgrades to 3.2, but otherwise, both models are alike in their microSD slots, QVGA displays, and pursuits of a lazy 2.5G lifestyle. Since Nokia's regional sites already seem to have these suckers preloaded and ready for a switch to be flipped somewhere, we'd be shocked if they weren't officially announced any day now.

[Via Unwired View]

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