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Unboxing EverQuest's Living Legacy


So you've decided to take SOE up on their Living Legacy promotion, with free two months of gameplay and all the goodies you can fit into your extra-large sized trick-or-treat bag, and are wondering just what you'll find in that bag when you open it. If you're finding yourself in EverQuest, you'll get quite a lot.

Legacy Satchel - Your trick-or-treat bag itself is rather nice. The Legacy Satchel is a seven slot bag that can hold any item, no matter how large. Sturdy straps make it easy to find a good spot for this bag among the other nine knapsacks you're juggling. It includes smaller pockets for your PDA and cell phone, for when those get invented.

More information on the armor, weapons, potions and other items you'll find in your Legacy Satchel -- after the break.

Bundle of Defiant Armor x3 - Your best armor? The one it took you five months to earn the DKP for and another three months until it dropped? The one you printed out and pinned to the wall? The one you woke up your sister at 2 AM to tell her about because you just had to share? That bit? Well, it's worthless now. Return to EverQuest, and you get three random pieces of Defiant Armor that beats the equivalent high-end raid gear for stats. SOE isn't kidding when they say they will be getting you back in the game. This stuff makes raiders go weak at the knees.

Scabbard of Fortune - This summons a Defiant weapon appropriate for your level and class. These weapons are just short of an "I WIN!" button. The DPS will be among the best for weapons of your level, and especially if you're not a raider, will likely be the best weapon you own. The stats alone make them amazing.

Potion of Adventure x10 - In case you find yourself behind the level curve, SOE has generously thrown in ten doses of extra experience potion at thirty minutes each. Combined with the additional 25% experience given over the already accelerated experience in designated "hot zones", you could find yourself rocketing through the levels as you farm the bits of Defiant armor you didn't get from your armor bundles (yes, all the new armor and weapons drop from normal mobs).

Potion of Speed x10 - Don't waste time getting where you're going; these potions will get you running at top speed. If things get a little hairy while you're scouting out all the new things to see, well, pop a potion and leave your troubles at the zone line.

Book of Knowledge - This learned tome can bring you to the Plane of Knowledge five times -- perfect for the moment you log in for the first time in how ever many years and find yourself surrounded by baddies you dimly remember fighting all those years ago (though we might suggest you use the Return Home button in the character selector that first time -- just in case).

SOE doesn't just want you back in the game. It wants you back REAL BAD. And they're willing to sweeten the pot by giving you gear most active EverQuest players would love to have for themselves (and are busily farming for themselves, actually). This is, in fact, the perfect time to come back. Every hot zone has at least two groups farming armor bits. Lots of people, fantastic loot, great experience -- there's life in the old game yet.

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