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Mike Schramm

We've got a special guest for you this week on WoW Insider Weekly (our roundup of the best regular content from the past seven days). Ladies, gentlemen and Gnomes, it's our pleasure to introduce to you the former Lord of Outland, straight from directly underneath Hellfire Citadel, Magtheridon! The Pit Lord is going to talk about all of our most popular weekly features, while your faithful author is going to step out for a much-deserved drink. Later.

Guildwatch: Drama, but the good kind
"Nothing gives me more pleasure even in my weakened state then watching you verminous swine squabble amongst yourselves, and Guildwatch covers every minute of it."
Ask a Lore Nerd: You're how old?
"Older than the birth of sin, mortal. You think you know the history of the universe, lore nerd? You know nothing when faced with the existence of a Pit Lord!"
New Players' Guide: Your life as a Hunter
'Hunters, Priests, Shamans or even those vermin of the Light, Paladins, none matter -- all will fall before the wrath of Magtheridon! Learn what you will, new players -- no mortal shall face me and survive!"
The Light and How to Swing It: Holy Paladin gear enchants, part 2
"Adorn your gear with whatever pithy enchants you like, vermin. I will dress it with your blood and entrails when you dare to face me."
Hybrid Theory: Is it too much?
"My blood is my own! Also, this look at group utility is strangely fascinating -- it almost makes me wish I had some support classes other than these lousy Channelers. But no matter -- the great Magtheridon, Pit Lord of the Burning Legion, buffs himself!"

Boy, that Maggie sure is grouchy. More cantankerous whining about his blood and power, along with a look at our other most popular posts, after the break.

Blood Pact: The Warlock's way ahead, part 2
"I'll tell you exactly what's in your short-lived future, Warlock: pain and suffering! Oh, and according to this column, more Spirit."
Illusionary Tactics: Dartol's Rod of Transformation
"This new column about items that change your appearance won't let you hide from me, insects. My limitless power will -- wait, where'd you go? And what's this Furbolg doing here?"
The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Gearing for Kara, Prot warriors part 1
"Ah, yes, the ruined confines of the Magus Medivh. Are you surprised I know his name, mortal? Still, he is of no consequence -- even for a being of his power, his only real purpose was to open the Portal, and bring the Legion to lay waste to your very homelands."
Reader UI of the Week: Papalegba of Skullcrusher
"Lay out your pretty buttons any way you like, you leeches. I will rend you apart just the same, and then Illidan will pay for what he's done to me."
Blood Sport: Yup, still broken
"Dance in your arenas and fight amongst yourselves, vermin. All the while I wait here in this cursed prison, biding my time and holding on to my power. Do you think me weak still? Come then, and face the might of a Pit Lord!"

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