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Funcom endorses Age of Conan graphic fiction

James Egan

GameZone is producing a series of original fiction set in Age of Conan's Hyboria, which deals with the world's characters and lore. The series is created by Michael Lafferty and is a blend of short fiction, comic art, and graphic panel storytelling using in-game screenshots. Lafferty has Funcom's blessing on this; an announcement at the official AoC community site leaves no doubt that they've given their express permission.

Lafferty's fiction begins with 'In Service to a King' and continues with 'Deliverance from the Sea' and 'In the Shadow of the Volcano.' More stories are to follow. GameZone has one caveat about the series, though: "Some of these stories may contain spoilers for quests, so by Crom, be forewarned!" It's doubtful that spoiler quests will keep people from checking out the series, so have a look at Michael Lafferty's work and sound off if you like what he's doing.

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