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Hey Hey Let's Go! Tenchu 4

Phil Larsen

The Wii is currently Tenchu-less. Ninjas are cool, but not having them on your console is very uncool. And yet suddenly, from the depths of a Japanese scan, we find the first announcement of Tenchu 4, right here on Nintendo's home turf. It's a rumor for now, but there has been no word on development for other consoles -- this may be a Wii exclusive. Let's hope it fares better than the latest portable entry into the series.

The first shots of the game look pretty smooth, despite the magazine scan. In the second image after the jump, there's some chop-socky action with grappling moves and takedowns. It looks colorful and violent, which is always top stuff. Our keen eyes of power are ready for the Japanese release on October 23. Let's fighting love!

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