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Meet Amnerys, the newest SOE community relations rep

Kyle Horner

If you play a Sony Online Entertainment game then you're likely to see a new name floating around the community team that you may or may not be familiar with. While her real name is Tiffany, we're told Amnerys will do just fine. She's a former EverQuest player and recent Everquest II player who's coming out of the SOE marketing department to join the community team. Being the SOE community relations rep isn't her first gig, far from it actually. Amnery has held positions as a PR person, graphic designer, marketing assistant, day camp counselor, lifeguard, data entry person, and mini-golf employee. Plus she's got a BA in journalism and minored in music

With such a large variety of skills at her disposal we're sure that Amnerys will be great at her new job. Somehow we get the feeling that her experience as a day camp counselor and lifeguard are going to be especially useful. You never know what you're going to run into when your job involves interacting with a gaming community.

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