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Ninja Bee finds A Kingdom for Keflings

Dustin Burg

Taking a different approach to the traditional video game press release, the crew over at Ninja Bee have put together their creative minds announcing a new XBLA game A Kingdom for Keflings and the fact that they've actually hired twenty of these mysterious Kefling creatures to help around the studio. You can watch some of the Keflings' super helpful soda handiwork in the Ninja Bee produced video above. Interesting, no?

Details are extremely light, but all you really need to know is that A Kingdom for Keflings is some sort of game that'll release this Fall, will feature "light-hearted gameplay with graphics and original music to match" and will somehow incorporate a bunch of three foot tall Keflings. Maybe it'll be an updated Lemmings-style game. Or maybe an elf simulator.

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