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Sony announces dynamic in-game ad deal

Jason Dobson

Love it or hate it, in-game ads are here to stay, and this morning both of Sony's North American and European arms drove that point home, announcing partnership with in-game advertising firm IGA Worldwide. The move follows some vocal trepidation from Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer earlier this year concerning the viability of shilling real word products in video games, concerns obviously muffled beneath the sounds of counting money.

Even so, the announcement was not wholly unexpected, particularly given the PS3's newly opened advertising platform, which was announced last February and allows firms like IGA to sell dynamic ads in PS3 games. Through this deal, IGA notes that it plans to offer clients the eyeballs of "16-35 year old consumers with disposable income," though the question as to whether or not gamers are inclined to run out and spend their money on whatever billboards happen to be in the line of fire remains a topic for debate. The bigger question, as we see it, is to what level Sony chooses to embrace in-game ads, especially given that two years ago competitor Microsoft went so far as to purchase in-game ad firm Massive for its very own.

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