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T-Mobile new unlimited family plan lets the kids yap into eternity

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile's trying to sweeten the unlimited pot today, adding a family option onto its preexisting $99.99 all-you-can-talk (and text) plan. Pretty simple: buy the first line for $99.99 as you normally would, then up to four additional lines of service can be added with the same limitless bucket of minutes and messages for $49.99 a pop. The so-called "FamilyTime Unlimited" package is being advertised as a package of two lines configured like this for $149.98 -- but make no mistake, you can still add another three on top of that to make sure all the kiddies get their fair share. Honestly though, if that baby boy in the picture has a Shadow hooked up with unlimited airtime, we're quitting life.

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