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Vulcando Games brings 4X gameplay to MMOs with Celetania


Vulcando Games, based out of Germany, has announced the November release date of their MMO Celetania, described as a massively multiplayer 4X game. For those unfamiliar with the term, 4X is a genre of game in which four separate goals must be managed at the same time to ensure victory. The term 4X stands for explore, expand, exploit, exterminate, and is typified by games like Civilization and Master of Orion.

Celetania is a persistent-world 4X game, where the orders that you give your units keep being followed, even when you're offline. In addition to the release date, Vulcando has mentioned that they will be releasing details about the game every two weeks, including screenshots, concept art, and video. In fact, Vulcando has sent along the first batch of shots of one of the races' line of starships, for your perusal. More news on this title as we get closer to the release date!

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