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BioShock movie may be out in time for BioShock 3

Jason Dobson

As part of a conference call following Take Two's second quarter earnings, company officials addressed questions from analysts on a number of topics, including the previously announced plan to give fan favorite BioShock a movie makeover. Despite the obvious vocal excitement from Take Two officials regarding the project, it may be some time before we see Big Daddies and Little Sisters frolic on the big screen, with Take-Two chair Strauss Zelnick stating that "it's unlikely that [the movie] would be released alongside BioShock 2...and it's more likely that it would be released alongside BioShock 3, but that remains to be seen." No, that's not a typo: BioShock THREE.

Additionally, while no specific details were shed on what we can expect from the movie, Take Two certainly appears to be taking a somewhat hands-off approach to the project. Zelnick commented that while the company "feels it is something that could be beneficial," Take Two has "structured the deal so we have no economic structure or risk."

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