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Fatal Inertia EX gets significant improvements on PS3


If you have a Japanese PSN account, you can check out a downloadable demo of Fatal Inertia, which is completely in the English language. This PSN downloadable racing game is coming to PS3, but with vast improvements over the critically lampooned Xbox 360 original. The visuals, while not matching the fidelity of the upcoming WipEout HD, do look nice, especially at the higher speeds. What we're most impressed by, however, is the incredible amount of content that's being delivered in this digitally distributed title.

Co-op split-screen Career Mode sounds intriguing, as does eight player online races. What gets us most excited, though, are the number of tracks being delivered: 59 tracks total, across 7 different environment types. That's a lot of content for a game that will cost significantly less than a standard retail title.

A demo will be available on the US PLAYSTATION Store soon, and players will be able to unlock the full game from within the demo. Hopefully, the ambitions of the Fatal Inertia team will translate into something truly worthwhile.

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