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First footage of Duke Nukem Forever


The very first episode of The Jace Hall Show is now live, and it includes the impossible: footage of Duke Nukem Forever. The segment with 3D Realms begins at 2:33, and we can honestly say that we appreciate host Jace Hall for asking the team "What the f*uck is taking so long?" The real fun, however, begins at 4:18, when we actually get a tiny glimpse of the game in action. Fans of Duke Nukem 3D will notice plenty of things from the original game, including some of the classic weapons. Specifically, there is footage of the shrink ray including the ever important moment when Duke crushes his recently debigulated foe. Hall concludes by saying, "I saw it. They have been working. It's not a myth. You're going to be pleased."

Let's hope so.

Update: Find the (autoplaying) video after the break. Sorry 'bout that.

[Thanks, Coffinfeeder. Via Shacknews]

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