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Oxygen busts out three young girl games

Candace Savino

Oxygen games is making three titles for "the young female gamer," including My Make-Up, My Dress-Up, and My Secret Diary. It's not hard to guess what each game will be about -- makeovers, fashion, and keeping a journal, respectively. As cheesy as they sound, there is a cool feature that adds interoperability between them. For example, if you save your Make-Up results and send them to a Dress-Up friend, your character gets the full makeover. Owners of these games can also talk to friends who have copies via Nintendo's WFC (we assume through text chat and not voice chat).

All in all, it's a good thing that Oxygen is making these, because the little girl market is severely under-catered to on the DS. (Okay, we were just kidding about that last part.) In any case, you can expect these titles to hit the market in Q3.

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