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The European connection in 9Dragons

James Egan

Acclaim's martial arts MMORPG 9Dragons is about to gain some more European fans, with the launch of Bardo Euro -- their new European server. Bardo Euro promises to offer the European playerbase an improved game experience with better connections all around.

Apparently the players have been calling for a European 9Dragons server for some time; Acclaim is delivering on their promises to improve the game and is holding a number of special events to celebrate the launch:

  • 30% off sale: All items in the 9Dragons Item Mall will be 30% off for 3 days only. June 6-8.
  • Bonus exp rate events: Earn 2 times experience points by playing on the Bardo server. June 3-9.
  • Monster spawn event: High level monsters will invade Bardo. June 3-5, 6, 8-9.
  • VGM/GM PvP event: Test your martial arts skills battling against Acclaim VGM and GM staff. June 3-6, 8-9.
  • Fireworks in Bardo: To celebrate the official launch of the European server, fireworks will light up the sky at random times from May 30 to June 8 on the Bardo server.
If you're in Europe, why not give 9Dragons a shot? Roll yourself a Shaolin or Wu-Tang badass and see if you can take down a GM or two in martial arts combat.

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