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Why can't MMORPG players and developers just get along?

Matt Warner

Community relations are a constant struggle as a battle plays out for one side to be heard while the other has little time to listen. When this communication does happen the interchange of thoughts and feelings normally comes from the developers via patch notes and a backlash from the players ensues. Well, the backlash is pretty constant regardless if there is a patch or not; however, when a nerf is cast the community is torn asunder, approval ratings drop, and threadnaughts spawn. Any civility on the forums is devoured while moderators furiously try to quell the riots.

This reaction and a lack of communication are to be expected, but what would more explanatory thoughts look like in the form of an open letter? Over on LagORama, the hilarious Inhibitor vicariously penned such correspondence from both viewpoints: the players addressing the developers and the developers addressing their players. What an interesting and hilarious take from both sides, and who knew that some MMORPG developers actually played their own game.

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