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Wii Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]


Update: The staff have gone and left the Game Night chat. But, that shouldn't stop you from checking on its status now. There might be people in there righting now, trying to play.

Oh boy, we're so giddy it's Thursday. Finally, we get to take a break from the usual and do what we love to do best: play some games! if this is all new to you, may we suggest hitting up our Game Night intro page? It's chock full of handy information on how to get involved with Game Night.

So, basically, just show up here at the site around 7pm ET tonight. You'll find this post at the top of the page (if it isn't at the top, keep refreshing the page). Within will be a link, to the chat, which you only need click. Once done, you're in. Simple, right?

We think so and hope you'll join us this evening. See you there!

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