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A look at Exteel's Trooper Mechanaught

Shawn Schuster

In previous developer letters from NCsoft, we learned about some of the entry-level Mechanaughts available in Exteel, their free-to-play robotic wargame MMO. In the most recent letter, we learn much more about the advanced Mechanaught known as the Trooper. This bipedal robot is the successor to the Frontliner and can absorb more damage, use energy more efficiently, regenerate energy faster, is much more responsive, and is a lot more accurate.

Also in this letter we get some detailed information on the Last Stand battle mode. This is an extremely useful mode where players can battle against scores of AI opponents and hone their skills, winning matches and accumulating hard-earned money for PvP battles. Plus, Last Stand matches can be played with a fewer group of players without the concern for finding enough people for balanced teams. All you need is some friends and that's it!

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