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Estiah: Text-based MMO adventures?

Shawn Schuster

Who needs pesky graphics and immersively realistic environments anyway? Estiah is a new browser-based MMO that is completely free and approaches the usual online gaming experience from a bit of an "old school meets new school" angle with the fact that it is mostly a text-based adventure. Aside from the battle animations which take on a card game feel, and the world map, the rest of the game is strictly text-based.

Now you may be wondering why we would cover something like this here at Massively, but let's take a look at just a few of the game elements to determine how massively multiplayer it really is.

  • PvP: Check! Battle other players in your daily traveling adventures, or head out to the arena looking for a fight. There's even an achievement ladder.
  • Auction House: Check! You can travel between cities to buy and sell goods to other players.
  • Raid Grouping: Check! You can actually join up with your friends to take on dungeon raids for that very best loot.

Not only that, but the game has an immersive PvE aspect to it including gathering, crafting, profession development in 24 character classes and its own style of established lore. There's even animal racing for money! What more could you want? Wait, don't answer that.

[Via Curse]

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