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Hop-On readying six new 1800 series phones, including $125 smartphone


It looks like Hop-On isn't resting on its laurels after letting is $10 "anti-iPhone" loose last month, with the budget-minded company now also set to release no less than six new handsets in its 1800 series, all of which will come in under $125. At the top end of that lot is the HOP1801 smartphone, which the company says will be the lowest cost smartphone on the market, although it unfortunately doesn't seem to be ready to provide any more details than that just yet. That'll be joined by the HOP1803 "Ultra Low Price" GSM tri-band phone, the HOP1805 model for emerging markets, and the HOP1810 GSM dual-band cameraphone, all of which are equally light on specifics at the moment. Boasting a few more details are the HOP1808 cameraphone, which will boast support for dual SIM cards and optional Bluetooth, and the HOP1809 3G cameraphone, which will apparently come with Bluetooth as standard and boast Java support. No indication of a release date for any of 'em just yet though, nor is there any word as to exactly how each will fall in that $10 to $125 bracket.

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