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iPhone games priced cheaper than DS titles


With the recent hubbub over Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, many are wondering if it will threaten the market dominance that Nintendo enjoys with their DS handheld. Even though Forbes thinks Apple has a chance at dethroning the DS, we're realists and know that just isn't possible. But, then the price point for iPhone games was revealed and we got a tad bit worried.

Sure, games sell the system, but the titles available on the iPhone and iPod Touch will go for 17-18 Euros (which comes to about $25-$28, less than Nintendo's first-party titles), according to LemonQuest CEO Ignacio Cavero. It's not much, but it's something, and definitely a lot more noticeable when compared to Square Enix games, which often debut at a $34.99 price point. But, we could also see even cheaper stuff, because Apple is leaving the final pricing up to the publishers.

What do you all think? Will price play a big role here? Or, are you waiting on some games before you jump to any conclusions?

[Via CVG]

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