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Masteroids: Not as bad (or as painful) as you think!

Eric Caoili

Not many pleasant things come to mind when someone says a word like Masteroids, so it's hard to think of any reason why anyone would want to name their game that. As it turns out, the Masteroids title sort of makes sense for this homebrew multiplayer clone of Asteroids.

Based on the classic Atari arcade game, Masteroids allows up to four players to jump into a game with their Wii remotes, Classic Controllers, or GameCube controllers. Settings are available to change the amount of lives each player starts with, the amount of bullets a player can fire, the amount of players, the game's difficulty, and whether team killing is allowed.

We were initially skeptical about whether or not the Wii could handle Asteroids' next-gen arcade graphics, but that extra GameCube must've made it possible!

[Via GBAtemp]

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