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Tomy localizing Licca-chan doll simulator?


We aren't exactly sure what the "Lovely Lisa" game found on the ESRB database is, but a quick jaunt over to potential Tomy's Japanese website gave us a potential solution. "Lisa" is pretty close to "Licca," as in Licca-chan, their line of fashion dolls. Last year, Tomy released a virtual Licca doll game on the DS, called Licca-chan DS Onna no Ko Lesson (Licca-chan DS Girls' Lessons), a combination of a Licca-chan doll with customizable clothing, and, of course, a suite of minigames.

If this is indeed Licca-chan DS, it might be a step toward launching the doll line in the U.S., in which case you can see the future of the pink aisles in Toys R Us. Or it could just be a cheap game that Tomy thinks they could sell.

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