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X3F LIVE: What do you want to play?

It's been a busy few days around X3F Towers so we need to get some quality gaming time in! In lieu of a Community Content post (no ComCon today folks, sorry) we're having a poll to decide which game we're going to play for our next X3F LIVE event.

The event is scheduled for 9:30-11:30PM EST on Monday, June 9.

Since our previous two events were centered around Halo 3 and GTAIV we're omitting those two picks from the list. Let's try something new this week! Don't worry thought, we're planning on having another one real soon!

Now, before you read the choices. Not every hot title is on it, we're skipping some key titles based on what the staff has kicking around in their collection. So, no Call of Duty 4 or PGR4. But, maybe next time!


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