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Best Buy replenishes Wii Fit, Karate Kid stock

Eric Caoili

Having trouble finding Wii Fit? Since the exercise game's launch, hardly any shops -- brick and mortar stores or online retailers -- seem to have copies on their shelves. According to this week's Best Buy circular, however, starting this Sunday, the chain's locations will have a minimum of 10 bundles to sell. If you're still looking for a console to play Wii Fit on, then you'll be happy to hear that Best Buy stores will have limited quantities of Wii systems in stock, too.

Also on Best Buy's circular: Get a free DVD of The Karate Kid when you buy a Kung Fu Panda game for [any] console (excluding the Nintendo DS version). Who would have ever imagined it?! A reason to buy the Kung Fu Panda game!

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[Via CAG]

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