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Just say no to HDTV?


Need a good laugh on a slow Saturday afternoon? Hit the read link and check out this informative hilarious piece on one individual's decision to apply Nancy Reagan's favorite anti-drug policy to HDTV. Not that the HDTV=Drugs comparison hasn't been made before (this time it's meth instead of heroin), but this goes hand in hand with the demon of the "hyper-real", suggesting that more can be seen in 1080p than even real life. Keep reading however, and you'll notice more nuggets, like the suggestion that Lost might hide information in widescreen corners out of the reach of SDTV, a keen observation unfortunately beaten to the punch by more than two years. According to the author, we should thank SDTV for filtering out the unnecessary for all of these years, kept safe from HD's "commodified realness", that we (and likely you, unfortunate reader of this blog) are so sadly hooked on.

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