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One Shots: Dragon snack

One of the things we love to see from different games are some of the boss monsters you wind up encountering while playing. Today's One Shots is a lovely example from Lord of the Rings Online sent in to us by Mandorak of the Gilrain, EU server. He told us that he thinks this encounter is from the Book 7 update, and is where they resurrect the dragon Thorog. Also, if you look carefully, he said you can see a Nazgul in the back. (Click on the image above for a full-size screen.) We don't know about you, but up front and center is not the place we'd want to be if a dragon was breaking free! (Not that being anywhere near the long, whiplike tail would probably be too good, either.)

Do you have screenshots of cool looking monsters you've run across in your travels? Perhaps you and your friends have felled a mythical beast? Whatever the reason, whatever the game, we'd love to see those screenshots. Just mail them to us here at oneshots AT!

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