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Republican legislative candidate speaks about her 70 Orc Hunter

Shawn Schuster

Politicians proclaiming their love for World of Warcraft is not a new thing, but in a recent interview with Wandering Goblin, we get treated to some information on the playing style of Jeanne Stevens, Republican candidate for the Connecticut legislature.

In this interview, Stevens reveals that her three Horde characters -- a 70 Orc Hunter, a 58 Troll Shaman and a 53 Blood Elf Rogue -- are a way for her to relax in her mostly PvE playstyle. She also brings up some wonderful points regarding parenting and gaming. "Parents need to start parenting!" she says. "You are the adult. You are responsible for what happens within your home. If you don't like the content of a t.v. show, game, book, etc., don't allow it in your home – that is your choice – you get to be the legislator, you make the laws of your home." We couldn't agree more, and it's certainly refreshing to hear someone in such potential legislative power say something like that.

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