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GamePro reveals Halo Wars co-op, new units, controls and more

Dustin Burg

We reported a few days back that the latest issue of GamePro magazine would include some new Halo Wars details, facts and info. And now we're pleased to make it known that leaked magazine scans have finally made it online and do offer up a rather satisfying dose of Halo Wars newsness.

Halo Wars Addict posted scans of all ten pages of GamePro's Halo Wars article (you know, for those outside the States who can't view the magazine's contents any other way ...) and inside we learn about the game's current control scheme, new UNSC vehicles including Vultures, Cyclops and Cobras as well as mention that the campaign will be a combination of human and Covenant worlds. Also, even more exciting is confirmation that Halo Wars will boast six player Xbox Live multiplayer AND feature two person online co-op as well! Purchase a copy of GamePro's July issue to read about all the Halo Wars goodness or ... uhhh ... go here.

[Via Grunts R Us]

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