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Mark Jacobs continues talks on Warhammer's crafting

Matt Warner

What do you want to know about Warhammer Online? Last week Massively went to war with Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. The result was an information bonanza never before seen on this site for any big title in development. Our coverage runs the gamut and ranges from crafting, guilds, various classes, capital cities, interviews with developers, and even a controversial post regarding perceptions about the game and its delayed launches.

With such an emphasis placed on PvP and combat, until recently not much has been known about Warhammer's crafting. Mark Jacobs has sort of become the official spokesperson for WAR's crafting system and is still making the rounds hitting up TenTonHammer in this one and two part interview. Nothing new is really discerned if you've been following the news closely. In the TTH interview Jacobs discusses scalability, the impact Apothecary will have on other areas of the game like combat, and more. A definite must read while you wait for your beta invite and are frothing at the mouth for anything WAR related.

If you missed out on all the news be sure to check out first-hand coverage for all the latest goods on Warhammer.

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