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Officers betting against the raid


After the 20th Supremus kill the game can get a tad boring. There's no doubt about it. Raiders know well that you have to spice things up to keep it fun. One way to do that is to have a lively bunch of people you raid with. With them things can get "interesting" at times. The fellow officers and I in my guild have decided to make things interesting by betting on the number of people that will die during Supremus.

For some reason Supremus always manages to kill a few too many people. Not too many that we can't one-shot him, but enough that it makes you scratch your head. No one dies on Illidan, Council, etc... but Supremus? Run for the hills!

So to keep the fight interesting someone picks a number, say nine. That number is "the line." Myself and a couple others will take under the line, and a couple others will take over. If less then nine people die, each of us gets 20g. If more than nine die the other folks get 20g each.

Is betting against the raid like this a good thing?

From the standpoint of keeping the game and its mundane grinding fun and interesting, the answer is yes – it is a good thing. Without these and similar things to do during the farm content I have a feeling that I'd no longer be raiding as much as I do.

From the standpoint of leadership, I have to admit, it is a questionable activity. We want to (almost always) maintain a positive face to the membership and keep our misgivings private. It's important to keep a level head and an optimistic outlook. Betting that more than nine people are going to die probably isn't exactly putting our best foot forward.

However with that said, I think in the end it's a harmless joke amongst over worked officers. And since we're still getting Supremus down in one attempt, no harm is done in the long run. And it's not like we're intentionally letting our members die (except for that one warrior that I've bribed the healers not to heal...more on that tomorrow).

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