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Blu-ray releases on June 10th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Although any week would look weak compared to last's, we can't help but feel let down. Sure, there are a few pretty hot day-and-date titles like Jumper, The Bucket List and The Other Boleyn Girl; but of the three, only one has much Blu appeal and it has an unbelievably low IMDB score of 5.9. But we still can't help but want to check it out based on the rave reviews that the audio and video got -- what's not to love about DTS-HD MA 48kHz/24bit? The best news for Blu this week though, is that unlike most other weeks, DVD doesn't have any exclusives to talk about. There are a few comedies that should be worth a look though, like Be Kind Rewind and Witless Protection, as well as a few catalog westerns like Broken Trail and The Professionals. This is pretty much what June has to offer though, as there are only 10 titles left on the schedule, and only two that we think people will get excited about.

Blu-ray 619*

* Blu-ray total does reflect 32 Paramount titles that were previously officially unavailable.

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