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Criterion dates Burnout Paradise 'Cagney' update

Jason Dobson

Burnout Paradise's forthcoming "Cagney" patch will peel out on Thursday, July 10 according to developer Criterion Games, finally letting Paradise City motorists take the game's Stunt Run, Road Rage, and Marked Man events online in FreeBurn.

The previously announced update will also introduce 70 new FreeBurn challenges, a handful of new liveries, a trunk full of bug fixes, and a pair of new vehicles just waiting to be wrapped around a light pole. Once applied, PS3 drivers can also look forward to finally being able to orchestrate their crashes to custom soundtracks. As the first of three new expansion islands, "Cagney" looks to include plenty to keep our four wheels spinning, at least until August when we begin to send motorcycles careening onto oncoming traffic.

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