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Halo Wars to have online co-op, 6-player Xbox Live matches

Ross Miller

Some new Halo Wars information has trickled out of the latest issue of GamePro, including news that the game will support Xbox Live multiplayer with up to six players as well as two-player online co-op. The magazine also reveals new UNSC units such as the Vulture, Cyclops and Cobras and the game's current control scheme. Fan site Halo Wars Addict has created a handy chart for your perusal.

You can check out the scans via Salad Hats or, better yet, pick up a legitimate copy of GamePro on newsstands. Halo Wars is expected to deploy in October.

[Via X3F]

Halo Wars is just one of the many exclusive Xbox 360 games coming this Fall. Check out Microsoft Games Studio's 2008 Yearbook.

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