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LotRO fans find an official home on Facebook

Samuel Axon

We've been hearing a lot lately about how Facebook is becoming a big gaming platform. But social networking has its roots in marketing and promotion, not game-playing. It's a great place to promote products of all kinds. MMO juggernaut Turbine knows this, of course.

Over at the The Lord of the Rings Online forums, Turbine community manager Patience plugged the official LotRO Facebook page. If you're a member of Facebook, you can "Become a Fan" to communicate with other fans, get regular updates, or just let everyone know you like the game. It's currently sitting just shy of 2,000 fans, but we're sure it'll hit the mark promptly.

While it may be Turbine that's promoting its fan page right now, we want to make sure we're all about equal opportunity here. So be sure and check out the World of Warcraft and EVE Online pages too, or search for another game; lots of them have pages. We already reported on NCsoft's Facebook invasion.

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