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Samsung's F480 crushes a lot, becomes "Player Style" for France

Chris Ziegler

Samsung's making this way more confusing than they need to, but hey, it's their phone and they have every right to do so -- they just better not come crying to us when their customers in the UK need service on their F480s while on holiday in France and no one in the shops knows what the heck a Tocco is. Turns out that the very same model that just became the Tocco for the UK market is being called the "Player Style" for France, which we will plainly admit is a pretty awesome name. Why can't it be Player Style everywhere? And actually, shouldn't it be Tocco in Italy, Player Style in the UK, and maybe something like Joueur de Style or just plain F480 in France? Our head's starting to spin; pardon us while we lie down for a couple minutes.

[Via Unwired View]

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