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Adium releases new beta version, now even more psychic

Lisa Hoover

Adium has a sweet new beta version available this morning. If you don't automatically see 1.3b2 when you check for updates, then make sure you've enabled "Update to beta versions when available" under the General tab in the Preference pane.

Several new features have been added, including:

  • Enhanced psychic abilities -- it opens a chat window as soon as a contact begins typing a message
  • Filtered search in the Contact list
  • Apple Address Book integration (access under Advanced tab in Preferences)
  • Integration with Facebook chat (enable in the Accounts tab under Preferences)
  • The latest Growl and libpurple updates
  • Additional information (such as "Last Seen" and Apple Address Book notes) added to the Contact Inspector
Fixed issues include the linkification of enclosed URLs, a memory inefficiency, and a pesky tendency for closed chats to suddenly reappear. All told, there are more than 150 improvements and enhancements to Adium, one of the hardest working chat apps out there.

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