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CoH Forum Moderator undertakes epic mission

Adrian Bott

As well as being a fun game in its own right, City of Heroes can attribute much of its ongoing success to the rapport between the Dev and Community Support teams and the players. The level of Dev communication and openness is pretty much unsurpassed; the Community Support crew have helped keep the forums friendly as well as keeping areas of player concern firmly in focus, such as Ex Libris' untiring work for and with the PvP community.

Naturally, this extends into the game world itself. NCsoft people frequently make appearances in-game as signature characters, as well as logging in to level up their own heroes and villains. These are just like anyone else's, with no special hacks or I Win buttons available. Most of the time, you could be playing alongside one of the NCsoft crew and never know it.

Moderator Koschej has decided to make himself an exception. He's publicly announced his intention to play on Champion server, levelling up a hero epic archetype, the Warshade. The self-deprecating adventures of his character, Velja Noc, are currently being chronicled on the forums. All players on Champion are invited to come and team with him, have a chat, or just cheer him along in his mission to clear up the streets!

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