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EA: Nobody 'better suited' to do Alpha Centauri II than Meier


As part of GameDaily's interview with Sid Meier, the site asked about the chances of an Alpha Centauri II. Meier responded, as almost everyone at Firaxis and 2K Games does, that the rights for a return to Planet is in the hands of EA. The site followed up with EA, which actually responded to the Alpha Centauri question, stating that there is still "a lot of good will toward Sid" from when he worked with the publisher and that, although it's inappropriate to comment on the issue due to the current buyout situation, it "can't think of anyone better suited to doing another Alpha Centauri game."

Meier has been quite diplomatic about the possible acquisition of Firaxis' parent-company, Take-Two, by EA. Our "glass is half full" view on the issue is that although EA hasn't done anything with the Alpha Centauri license in almost ten years, nothing horrible has happened to it either.

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