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Glofiish M810 gets unboxed, X1 laughs

Chris Ziegler

As QWERTY slider WinMo sets go, HTC and Sony Ericsson have collectively thrown down a big-ass gauntlet that competitors are likely going to be struggling to match for some time. So it goes with the glofiish M810, an HSDPA powerhouse that would've stolen the show 12 or 18 months ago -- but now it's got the Touch Pro and X1 to contend with, leaving the QVGA display and tired styling a bit tough to swallow. We suppose that a deep discount could still lure a throng, especially if Acer / E-TEN comes through with a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade -- but until we all make that fateful decision, check out Pocket PC Thoughts' quick unboxing, live vicariously, and see if it feels right.

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